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Business events have a lot of moving pieces. It doesn't matter if you are planning a 10 person board meeting, or a 15,000 person city-wide event, more goes into than you realize. 

Finding the right location(s), budgeting, menu planning, transportation, room blocks and more can get to be overwhelming. Let me help you with a few pieces or all of the logistics. I take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture.

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About The Planner

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I am a chameleon. My personality is such that I can fit into a variety of organizations and teams and be comfortable, as well as make other comfortable with me. This personality type is uniquely suited for my position as a third-party planner. 

I started my career in hotels after graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors in Psychology. I worked in several departments, before ending my career on the house side in Catering Sales. 

I moved to the planner side over a decade ago, and have ingraining myself into a variety of companies and teams ever since. I earned my Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) certification in 2014 and once the world of meetings shut down in 2020, I proactively set out to earn my Certified Virtual Events Producer (CVEP). 

Using my experience, ongoing training and certifications, as well as my chameleon personality, I will assist you in creating the event that reflects your organization and the attendees they serve.  


About ConferenceDirect

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Global Meetings & Events

At ConferenceDirect, meetings and events are our passion, and helping our clients succeed is what we do every day. We work tirelessly to reduce costs and mitigate risk while maximizing income potential and enhancing attendee experience.

I have been with ConferenceDirect since 2021 as a Global Account Executive working as a Conference Manager and Venue Sourcing Specialist. With the backing of this world leader, I enjoy partnerships with venues and vendors world-wide. I look forward to putting my expertise and CD's power to work for you!

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My Event Services

Additional Services

  • COVID Safety Protocols

  • Transportation Management

  • Offsite Event Management

  • Negotiation and Contract Management

  • Audio/Visual Management

  • Poster Management

  • App Management

  • Housing

                                         and more...

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  • Strategic Planning

  • Venue Sourcing

  • Venue Logistics

  • Virtual/Hybrid Events

  • Speaker Management

  • Artist Management

  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Management

  • Vendor Relationships

  • Accessible Event Planning

  • Budget Planning & Financial Management
  • Registration Management

  • Virtual Platforms

  • Conference App Platform

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Production

  • Printing and Graphic Design

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