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Traveling Smarter: New Tools From Picture Me Traveling and Kt K.’s Once Upon a Wish Travel

Updated: Oct 6

**Note: This post contains links that are no longer active due to a switch in platform. Some tools will be coming back onto my site, and links will be updated at that time.

Hello Friends! I have been hard at work making updates to my page. I want this site to be more than just a blog where I tell you a story every week. I want it to be a useful resource, the first stop on your travel planning journey. I asked myself what I would want to see in a travel site and I put it into action. Take a look at some of the new things you’ll get from PictureMeTraveling.com and when you follow my socials.

COVID Informational Page

COVID protocols are changing daily. This is making it difficult to plan a trip these days. Where are you allowed to go or not go? Is a test required heading over or on the way back? Where can I get a test? Do I need to quarantine? These are all great questions and may require significant research and bouncing from one unhelpful site to the other.

Instead, visit my COVID preparation page: Travel in the COVID Age – Resources to Help You Travel Safer where I have pulled together the most helpful sites to help you answers all of these questions and more!

Travel Deals

Travel for less. Deals curated by Kt K's Once upon a wish travel

One of the biggest benefits of working with a Travel Specialist is access to deals, special promotions, and exclusive value add-ons. I have added a new section to Picture Me Traveling that pulls together just a taste of these deals to help you Picture Yourself Traveling.

Get the latest in Disney Vacations – World, Land, Cruises, Adventures, and Aulani. Also included are deals on hotels, attractions, packages, and tours worldwide, as well as the best in attraction and tours from Viator.

Deals change often so check back for updates and new deals!

Social Media

I am on the same platforms as always, but I’m expanding what I am offering on each. Check out Facebook and Twitter for my Travel Tips Tuesdays. Start picturing your next vacation during my Venue Spotlights on Saturdays. Continue experiencing my past and current travels through my Instagram page, and find additional tools, resources, and blogs when you follow me on Pinterest.

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If you are currently on my mailing list, you may have noticed this already. I’m revamping my newsletter to be more robust and interactive. Look out for travel trivia, polls, and more. I will also send out more promos and deals from some of my great travel partners!

Travel Together

I’m thrilled with all of the new changes coming to Picture Me Traveling. Every step I take is a step towards helping you realize your perfect vacation. I have just one request from my loyal readers: Share, share, share! Help me spread the word.

Maybe you have friends getting married that are looking to plan their romantic honeymoon. Family who are ready to experience their first (or 10th!) Disney vacation. Or maybe you just want to keep people as informed as you are.

Whatever the reason, whoever it’s for, introduce them to me! Like, follow, share, and comment on my social media channels. Forward on my newsletter or just copy/paste and share my link.

Thank you for being a loyal reader! I look forward to sharing more great information on how to experience your best trip!

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